Trackback 1/22: Deon and Felix

Deon: I thought your post was interesting. I’m glad you’ve found a class you really like, even though we’ve only been in class for two weeks. I have two classes like that. Also, wood is an interesting material to learn about. When I was in 7th grade, I did a science fair project about wood. I looked at how tensile strength differed between different types. Also, your civil engineering blogs have interested me because I intend to go to grad school next year for urban planning. Planners and civil engineers work together to improve the built environment. 

Felix: I think the breakup metaphor you used was apt. It appears that the situation wasn’t handled well, but I also think it is difficult to handle such a situation appropriately. Bureaucracies , like Penn State, are accustomed to doing routine things well. You want an official transcript mailed? That’s easy. You want a curriculum review done? Okay. With something less routine, like a latent child sex abuse scandal, I think it’s understandable, though not necessarily acceptable, that the PSU response was not the textbook response. 
Time will heal this, and new bureaucratic protocols will be created to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. 

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