The Last Post of the Semester

It’s been a pretty crazy semester. Even before the wave broke on the Sandusky scandal and the most visible figures at our University were washed away, it was pretty hectic. UPUA, Onward State, Bikeshare, Classes, Thesis, Grad School Applications, and a social life. 

As I sit here at Saint’s Cafe after my last yoga class of the semester, one where we engaged in yogic sleep for the duration, I am done. Finished with fall semester senior year. Only one left. This whole semester, I had a pretty constant level of work. I have a Google Calendar that I keep  pretty fastidiously updated. That being said, I always feel like I’m jugging assignments, and eventually one is going to slip from my grasp, and I’ll get a zero. Luckily, that never happened. Work did not pick up. Instead, due to a confluence of beneficial circumstances, it dissipated. I have no finals during finals week. I’m pretty lucky. 
I’m staying here the next week anyway to work on graduate school stuff. Then I’m going to DC to stay at my cousin’s. I was originally going to interview with some people to get a job, but because I want to go to grad school now, I’m planning on using the time to mostly catch up on thesis work (Sorry Dr. Palmer!). Also, the VP for Government Relations for Amtrak went to high school with my dad, so he’s working on getting me a meeting with him, which would be awesome. 
Spring semester starts a little earlier this year, which is unfortunate. My schedule rocks though, so it’s okay. I realized in yoga today that my last college class ever is going to be fly fishing. Fly fishing. I love Penn State.
Have a good break everyone. 

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