So, this week I actually started taking going to grad school seriously. While I haven’t been studying for the GRE as much as I should, I’ve contacted my recommenders and made a pretty nice spreadsheet of all of the schools I’m applying to and the application requirements they have, deadlines, etc. 

Now, I just need to do well on the test and actually compile the applications. That’s all. 
In classwork news, I found out that I am much better at rewriting speeches than writing them originally. I usually don’t like to get feedback on my writing, but in the case of speechwriting, it seems to help a lot. 
Also, the one class I was really excited to take this semester (other than HONOR 401H), Land Use Dynamics, is my least favorite class unfortunately. It isn’t difficult at all, but the professor just goes about teaching the material in a boring way. And, it’s at 9:45am in Armsby, a time that physically hurts me to be attentive at. 
My thesis is trucking along in the data collection and aggregation stage. Right now I have a monstrous spreadsheet that I hope will be complete by thanksgiving break. Then, after Thanksgiving, I’ll be able to do the statistical analysis and then start writing the actual paper. !!!
In other news, fellow PLAer Steve Meckler and I were in the Collegian on Thursday for our efforts to create a University bikesharing system. At our meeting with Dr. Spanier and other stakeholders, he expressed support for the idea of a bikesharing program and tasked us with ensuring that one is in place by the fall. To have his support will certainly make the process a little easier moving forward. Funding is always an issue, but working with the university, I think we will have more options at our disposal.

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