Happy Halloween!

So, I’ll come out and say it. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. It’s incredibly stressful and always cold. Thanksgiving, on the other hand, has amazing food. You get to go home for it, and one of the main parts of it is napping. What could be better? 

Napping hasn’t been happening for me too much lately. In addition to coursework, I’ve been pretty busy with UPUA, bikeshare, and the IR Journal. One meeting to another to another. 
I scheduled my GRE for November 22nd, but I haven’t had much time to study for it yet. I’m most worried abou the math section because, while I realize it’s high school math, I haven’t done it since… high school. 
I keep getting these emails about San Francisco, and I’m pretty excited. It’ll be the last hurrah for the alpha class before our inevitable senior week bar tour, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. 
The semester is almost over, which is kind of crazy. It just flew by. I feel like I haven’t done too much schoolwork, but we’re almost in November. 
Just keep truckin’ I suppose. 
I’m going to be a never-nude, by the way. 

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