My Tough Week

This week pretty much ate me up and spat me out. It was tough, and it started last Sunday right before our PLA class. 

The UPUA Steering committee meetings are supposed to be open, like all other UPUA meetings, but last Sunday’s was closed, in violation of the intent, if not the actual language of UPUA bylaws. Being equal parts a stickler for not wasting my time and for government transparency, I pushed the Collegian reporter who had also been kicked out of the meeting to write about it. This set off a few days of UPUA-related articles on the front page of the Daily Collegian and Onward State which culminated in the UPUA Town Hall Meeting on the first floor of the HUB. There were a lot of angry constituents there talking about the decision to close the steering meeting and the decision two weeks prior to spend 3,000 dollars on sunglasses, pens, and other UPUA promotional items. 
Yesterday, I had a bunch of stuff due in classes, including a dreaded group paper. So, the night after the meeting was spent editing that monstrosity and studying for a Speechwriting midterm. The midterm was a little iffy, but I think the paper turned out okay. Before the Internal Development Committee meeting yesterday, I wrote two pieces of legislation: one preventing UPUA from spending Student Activity Fee money on promotion of UPUA for promotion’s sake, and the other one laid out more explicitly when it was okay for UPUA to suspend its rules and close meetings (Interviews, confidential financial discussions, etc.). Both pieces of legislation passed through the committee unanimously, will be looked at by steering on Sunday, and will come to the floor of the Assembly next Wednesday to be voted on. If they pass, it’ll close an unfortunate chapter in the history of our organization, but will help us improve in the future. 
So, with all of that going on, I really had no time to do much else, even sleep. I couldn’t read the 10 articles I needed to for my Journal of International Affairs meeting, which, as a leader, is not ideal obviously. 
This week ahead should be better, starting with the First Annual Media Dodgeball Fall Classic being held tomorrow at the Pollack Basketball Court at 2pm. See you there! Let’s Go State!

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