Blog Migration

So, last week before our HONOR 401H PLA class, I finally succeeded in switching to the ePortfolio blog style. I tried to do it on the blog I had been using, but it wasn’t working. Instead, I created a new blog, then exported all the data from the one I’d been using for the past two years to it. This new blog is the one you are reading. I have added an embedded version of my resume and some contact information. It is very much a work in progress, and if you have any advice based on how you’ve crafted your ePortfolio, please let me know. 

In other news, submissions keep rolling in for the Journal. We had our second meeting yesterday and I think it went pretty well. Maybe Kaitlyn can attest to that. Currently, we have 24 submissions, and we’re looking to publish between six and eight. Also, the meeting featured a special guest who will be joining us from now on, a liaison from the School of International Affairs Global Affairs Blog. We’re slowly working on collaborating, and having liaisons at each other’s meetings is a good first step. 
My thesis is being a little more finicky than I hoped it would be. It turns out that trying to find socioeconomic data from middle 20th century Africa is a challenging undertaking. 
I’ve been asked to speak at Schreyer’s Scholar’s Day this coming Monday about my experiences and my major. It was five years ago next month that I attended my last Scholar’s Day, as a prospective student. I remember sitting in Eisenhower before walking over to Sparks to hear from Liberal Arts students. Creamery ice cream in the Atherton lobby followed, as Advancement Team members attempted to get us to buy SHC swag. I guess I’ve come full circle since then. It’s an interesting thought. 

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