The Slog

This week was incredibly busy. I think this semester is going to be one of those where I don’t nap. Every spare moment is filled with meetings or some program or another. I barely found the time to start working on my thesis this week. I had some productive UPUA meetings. In the actual assembly this week, I spoke for the first time, a big step. I generally like UPUA. In Journal of International Affairs news, we just had our weekly exec meeting and discussed a few things like the budget, the website, and faculty advisors. Two weeks away from our priority submission deadline, we’ve received 11 submissions. To say I’m happy is an understatement. The schools we’ve sent emails to have been extremely receptive and submissions have come from all over the country. In bikeshare news, we haven’t met since last week and I haven’t really moved my tasks forward at all because I was so busy. 

I scheduled my last semester of college two days ago. My schedule is awesome. Tuesday and Thursday with a web class. Key classes include fly fishing and maple syrup making. Should be a great semester. 
Oh. I did Paternoville this week. Look for me front row in SK tomorrow. 
Lets Go State!

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