Response to Felix 9/4/2011

On Friday, Felix wrote about the collision of National Security and Higher Education. He noted that he had been ignorant to the degree that universities, Penn State in particular, work to assist the national security apparatus, and the large risk of espionage that is present in a university research setting. 

I think the question that needs to be asked, research dollars aside, is “Is it in the best interest of the University and its students to be furthering the military-industrial complex?” I don’t have an answer for that, but I look forward to seeing if anyone commenting on this post does. 

One thought on “Response to Felix 9/4/2011

  1. Eli, I would like to read more of your thoughts on this topic, please elaborate. I would also challenge you to really define and defend the use of the (charged) term “military-industrial complex.” And while I wouldn’t expect a thesis-worthy answer to your own question, I am sure you have an opinion on this, let’s hear it!

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