Week One in Happy Valley

As the first football game of the season looms, my projects for the semester are starting to gain momentum. Yesterday, I met with Paul Ruskin and Tom Flynn of the Office of Physical Plant to discuss bikeshare. The meeting seemed to go very well. They were intrigued by what the bikeshare plan Lienard and I have been working on. Three concerns Tom had were vandalism, theft, and the cost of the program. He stressed that any bikeshare program would need to be both on-campus and off-campus to facilitate staff and faculty commuting. Tom thought that only three or four stations would be needed on campus because PSU employees wouldn’t bike between buildings on campus. Our plan has about 12 stations on campus because we think that the main clientele for the program would be the 44,000 students at Penn State. I’ve biked from Willard to White Building many times. I know many other people have done the same. 

So, we’ve made some progress on bikeshare. The next step is setting up funding for the project. 
I didn’t do very much for UPUA this week. We had our Assembly meeting on Wednesday, but because we haven’t really had much business or time to write legislation, there wasn’t much to do. The meeting was over pretty quickly. The most interesting thing to come out of it was the creation of the Student Interest Survey which will ask students what they want their student government to accomplish. The Survey actually came to fruition as a response to comments on an Onward State article, so worlds are colliding. It’s a little weird to hear other people say ‘Onward State’ out loud. 
On Monday, we had our first full meeting for the International Affairs Journal. It was everything I could have hoped. Since we filled our staff, so much has happened that we needed to catch them up on. After doing that, we talked about the next steps we needed to take. At this point, we’re sending out emails to undergraduate advisors in political science departments across the country to see if they can send our call for submission email out to their students. We’ve sent the email out to about 70 schools and we’ve already gotten some submissions as a result. I think as the October 14th deadline approaches we’ll get a lot more. We’re also in talks to partner with the School of International Affairs’ Global Affairs blog. 
Go State! Beat the Sycamores!

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