Senior Year

At my first UPUA Internal Development committee meeting on Wednesday I introduced myself as someone going in to senior year. Then, I thought “Crap, I am a senior.” The summer is over. The past three years are over. This is it. I kinda freaked out a bit after that. 

This year is two things for me. It’s about getting back to my friends from the past three years. Going to Prague was a little tough on that area of my life. The other thing this year is new experiences. I’m working on creating the international affairs journal, working with UPUA as an offcampus representative, and attempting to bring a bikeshare program to the State College community. I’ve taken some steps back from active involvement in Onward State. I’m still attending meetings and giving people feedback and advice, but I’ve transitioned to other projects at school. 
That feels both good and bad. Good because the blog is amazing and it is so cool to see how far we’ve come in two and a half short years. Bad because I’m doing new things that I’m not as familiar with so there is a definite uncertainty that goes along with that. At Wednesday’s UPUA meeting for example, the only thing I said the entire time was “here” during roll call. 
I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned in the past three years in my current endeavors. I’m also planning on leveraging the contacts I’ve made as an OnwardStater in my bikeshare and UPUA roles. 
Classwise, this year is different than others as well. I’m only taking one actual political science class (PL SC 490: Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation). Usually, I take a few more. I’m taking Yoga, English 202A, Speech Writing, the Political Science Thesis Seminar, and, perhaps the class I’m looking most forward to, Land Use Dynamics. This course is my first CED course and I’m taking it because with bikeshare research and my summer in Washington, I’ve become interested in urban planning and sustainable development, etc. I see this class as a good way to learn about the field. 
That’s all that’s going on with me. Yoga is great. 

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