Newport Folk Fest and My Last Weeks in DC

I just got back from my second year at the Newport Folk Festival with some friends from Penn State. We drove up Friday, saw the two days of the festival and I actually just got back to DC a couple of hours ago. The shows were just as good as last year, if not better, and Newport continues to amaze me with its beauty. We ran in to other Penn Staters everywhere which I got a big kick out of. Highlights from the weekend include Middle Brother, Trampled by Turtles, and the Decemberists.

This week at work is going to be slow. Some interns have left already and my main supervisor is going on vacation. August in DC is generally a time for vacations. Congress is in recess. It’s also incredibly hot.

This coming weekend, I found out last week, I’ll be going to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve never been to the West Coast before and I’m pretty excited to see what all the fuss is about. It will also be great to see so much of my family, most of whom I haven’t seen since before studying abroad. This is the same cousin I lived with when I was in Washington last summer. I think we bonded a lot then and it’ll be great to see him get married.

Another thing I get more excited for every day is senior year. Seriously. It’s going to be a ton of work, fall semester at least, but seeing everyone at Arts Fest and hanging out with PSU friends this weekend have provided a small glimpse in to what the year will be like. I’m also eager to get started working in earnest on my projects for the year, namely UPUA, PSU Journal of International Affairs, Bikeshare, and Onward State. Class will fit in there somewhere.

I recently dropped a class I was taking on conflict mediation. Instead, I’m taking a class on policymaking and implementation. It has the potential to be really boring, but at the same time, if I want to work in Washington, I need to understand what’s going on.

until next time,


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