Post-Arts Fest

So, Arts Fest was simply amazing. Since coming home from Prague, I had only been up to school for about 5 hours one day in May. I saw a few people, but, other than FTCAP, campus was kind of dead. The art was as expensive as always. The weather was fantastic, and the night’s were long. I made a lot of new friends and I’m looking forward, more than ever, to a great senior year. 

This week at work I didn’t really do too much. Congress is kind of singularly occupied at the moment if you hadn’t heard. I did some research on the Comprehensive Retirement Security and Pension Reform Act of 2011 (HR 10), and helped a principal do some sleuthing about prospective clients. 
Other than that, on Monday all of the interns had a delicious homecooked dinner at Robert Raben’s house. We talked about our hopes and dreams, our experiences so far at work, who we liked working with and why, and our criticisms. It was a great night and really helped to put a human face on the firm. 
Yesterday, I started working on a social media memo to distribute to the firm. The memo will concern internal and external social media use. I started working on the internal aspects yesterday afternoon and I am excited to see where it goes. 
In this week’s segment of Where In The World Is Eli Going This Weekend?, the answer is: New York City! 
I leave in about two hours to head up there to see my girlfriend and hang out in a city that tries to be as awesome as DC but fails miserably. It should be a little cooler there, but not by much. Seriously. It’s hot here. 
Until next time,

One thought on “Post-Arts Fest

  1. Eli,
    How is the ‘vibe’ where you are now with everything going on with budget talks?

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