Week 2 at Raben

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week I set up for a Policy Breakfast with Setti Warren, the current mayor of Newton, Massachusetts. He recently announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate seat. The election Brown won over Martha Coakley was a special one to fill the seat of the great Edward Kennedy. Warren’s decision to run brings the size of the Democratic field to six. 

Warren didn’t have great turnout at his Breakfast. Only four or five people showed up, probably due in equal parts to the relative obscurity of Mayor Warren and the poor weather that day. Warren spoke about his upbringing and about how he would take lessons about what helped his family get out of poverty and work to apply them to larger groups of people if elected. He seemed like a very charismatic, friendly guy who, given the right staff and message, could be very successful in winning the Democratic nomination. Facing off against six people might not be the hardest part however. Scott Brown has about 80 percent approval right now across Massachusetts, so it will be difficult to convince people that he’s doing a poor job and should be removed from office. Additionally, it is incredibly difficult to unseat an incumbent Senator. While I don’t have the statistics in front of me right now, I believe about 96 percent of sitting Senators are reelected. I wish Mr. Warren the best of luck on his tough journey to Election Day.
In addition to the Policy Breakfast, I called a number of Los Angeles-based Asian news organizations, asking them to run a story about an event one of our clients is having next month. I also made many many many calls to congressional offices to see if they would be sending staff to an event by Just Detention International about prison rape and sexual abuse. I helped build packets of materials to give to volunteers who came to lobby on behalf of Horizons for Homeless Children. I also staffed the Respite Room for those ‘lobbyists’ waiting in between congressional appointments. That same day, I went to a Nationals game with my friend Cal. While the Nats were losing the whole game, eventually going down 5-1, in the bottom of the 9th, they won on a walk-off home run. It was pretty electric to be there for the win because so many people had tried to go home early. 
This weekend my friends Neal and Laura were in town, so we went to Jazz in the Garden on Friday, which is an outdoor music concert at the National Sculpture Garden. Then, Saturday, we went to the Zoo then spent the night in Adams Morgan. Today, I went to brunch with some of my friends I studied with in Prague, then hung out with one of them in Rockville, just outside of DC. 
Next week, I’m working on a project about Individual Retirement Accounts. I’m also taking minutes at a meeting of the 1882 Project and looking over the Raben Group website to ensure uniformity in their style. 
Until next time,

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