The Raben Group Beginnings

Last week was my first full week interning at the Raben Group. I say ‘full week’ even though I’m only working Monday through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I’m doing research for a Penn State professor. I worked the week of June 6th as well, but I took the LSAT on that Monday, so I only worked two days.

Work has been amazing so far. The Raben Group is a progressive lobbying and strategic communications firm that works mostly with non-profit organizations. So far, I’ve worked on a number of clients, varying from ethnic non-profits to breast cancer awareness organizations. One of the main clients I’m working with is the Organization of Chinese Americans. Specifically, I’m assisting an organization known as the 1882 Project. The goal of the project is to have Congress pass a Joint Resolution expressing regret for the Chinese Exclusion Acts of the late 19th Century. The push follows in the heels of the recent success of Japanese-Americans in receiving an apology and reparations for the existence of WWII internment camps. The resolutions have been introduced in both chambers of Congress and cosponsors are signing on quickly. With a Raben Associate named Kim, I’ve attended two meetings about the Project, taken minutes that were emailed to everyone, and offered my opinion. Additionally, I’ve worked on updating the Project’s contact database and compiling press clips. 
For other projects, I’ve called Congressional offices to remind them about events our clients were holding, written a press release, and compiled press contact information. I work from 10-6 and I’ve had trouble finding room to get lunch. It’s great to be busy though. 
The firm has a really inclusive, fun atmosphere and everyone is really helpful. Additionally, events in DC are put out on the company listserv that are open to everyone. For instance, Robert Raben, the founder of the firm, held a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at his house last week and I got to eat hors d’oerves with Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and a few other Representatives. It was awesome. There are opportunities like that almost every day. Also, from the number of resumes floating around the listserv, I’ve noticed that the company really tries to take care of former interns, using Raben contacts to help them find jobs. 
Next week, I am attending another meeting of the 1882 Project and helping set up for an event with the mayor of Newton, Massachusetts. I’m headed to my first Nationals game on Tuesday and I’m very excited. 

One thought on “The Raben Group Beginnings

  1. Eli,
    This sounds amazing! What a great opportunity and people/events you are exposed to. I am sure you will enjoy our the PLA trip to DC this fall!

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