Midterms Basically Over

This week was ehh. I had my Recent Economic Development midterm on Tuesday, which I studied a lot more for than was necessary. My earlier post about Study Abroad Grades is still ringing true. So far, my tests have either been completely off topic or incredibly easy. It’s nice for the GPA though. On Wednesday, I had a presentation in my globalization class about the UN and Global Problems. I used Prezi for the first time and it went well. The discussion basically revolved around the efficiency of the UN, what the appropriate venue for international action is, multilateralism v. unilateralism, and whether the members of the Security Council should be changed. I think I did pretty well. Also yesterday (well, this morning for me) I was elected to the UPUA 6th Assembly as an Off-Campus representative. I conducted a purely social media campaign and placed 5th (12 spots available), garnering more than 900 votes. To my knowledge, I was the first person to ever win a spot from abroad. 

Tomorrow, I’m getting on a train and heading to Vienna for the weekend. I’m really excited about it. Most of my friends have gone and have only good things to say about it. I’ll take plenty of pictures, maybe even some with the Flat Lion. 
Until next time,

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