Midterms Week

This week has been my busiest week in Prague thus far, hence the reason I’m writing this blog so late in the week. My week really started last weekend when I had makeup classes for my Art and Architecture class as well as my Jewish History class. The classes were makeups for the day we have off for Easter (aka our spring break). Then, on Sunday, we went to Terezin, the WWII concentration camp. I had been there before, but it was really powerful. The camp was for most of the Jews of the Czech Republic. No one was exterminated there, but it was used as a waypoint for people moving further east to Auschwitz and other camps. After that, I came home to write a paper about the Jewish Enlightenment in Berlin in the early 1800s and its effect on Prague. The next day, I had a presentation in my Jewish History class about the Frankfurt Tradition of Jewish investment banking, the Rothschilds, etc. On Tuesday, I presented with a group in my Recent Economic Developments class about a handful of European countries and how they weathered the financial crisis. On Wednesday, I had an Art and Architecture exam, a Jewish History exam, and the aforementioned Jewish HIstory paper due. Art and Architecture went okay. What the professor had us study and what was on the test weren’t exactly congruent. As a result, there was information on the test that no one had studied. In Jewish History, I was well-prepared and I’m confident I did well. After the test, I met up with a few people in a park by our school and we played ultimate frisbee. It was the first day here that I really felt like spring was in the air. T-shirts and shorts from here on out?

After that, I had my globalization class, and went to dinner with some friends. What a long week. After that, I packed my backpack and went to bed. Right now, I’m in Seville with my girlfriend Jenna. It’s so warm and beautiful here. There are orange and lemon trees everywhere. There will be plenty of pictures on my Facebook if we’re friends. 
Well, until next time, 

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