Prague and Paris

Since last blogging, I’ve done a lot. 

This past weekend, I was in Paris with my girlfriend. Having both been to Paris before, we took the opportunity to meander through the less touristy areas of the city, and try some excellent food in the process. We stayed in an apartment about two blocks from Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. While the weather wasn’t ideal, hovering around 55 and cloudy for the duration, it was a great improvement over Prague weather.
Yesterday, I submitted my application for the Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell Scholarships. I had been working on it for about two weeks, and I’m very excited to see what happens next. Additionally, UPUA campaign season began yesterday, so my Facebook event and Twitter account went live. I am campaigning for an off-campus representative position, and you can check out my platform, etc. here
In CIEE classwork news, the coming two weeks are super busy for me. I have my Czech midterm tomorrow, a makeup class Friday, a makeup class Saturday morning, lunch at the grandparents of my Czech family on Saturday afternoon, and a trip to Terezin and Lidice on Sunday. Then, on Monday I’m presenting in my Jewish History class, while on Wednesday I have two midterms and a paper due. After all that, I’ll be happy to get away to Seville for the weekend to see my girlfriend. 
Something completely different
What is going on in Japan right now is incredible, and not in a good way. The video and pictures of the devastation can in no way approximate the situation on the ground, which must be truly terrifying. The threat of meltdown at the nuclear reactor in northern Japan would be a catastrophe unparalleled by any other in my lifetime. The biological effects would be terrible, but the effect on the construction of new nuclear power plants is also not in the best interest of the world. Alarmism surrounding this particular nuclear plant threatens to curtail progress in utilizing one of the cleanest energy sources on our planet.
The Middle East continues to flare up. With Qadaffi in Libya regaining ground and Saudi troops being called in to police Bahrain, we are seeing the evolution of the status quo in the region. The Arab League has said it will support a no-fly zone implemented over Libya, but hasn’t made any definitive statements about Bahrain. The two conflicts are quite different, but it is still interesting to see the differing policy responses on the part of the U.S. and other states. The U.S. has come out in support of the Libyan protesters, but has also supported the Bahrain ruling government. Qadaffi has come across almost universal international condemnation (save Venezuela), but Bahrain, with its Saudi patron has been luckier. Not wanted to anger an ally, the U.S. hasn’t embraced the protesters in the small island nation. Shiite Iran has recently been stirring about the situation however, because the majority-Shiite island is ruled by Sunnis. This has the potential to turn from a small skirmish in to a large regional dustup. 
Stay tuned. 

2 thoughts on “Prague and Paris

  1. Good Luck with everything Eli! Sounds like you are super busy but well worth the experience!
    Japan is getting worse and most of the attention is there right now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Middle East.

  2. Hey Eli:
    Seems like a lot is going on. I hope your managing your time well with the campaign for the UPUA off-campus representative. In reference to the Japan nuclear situation, I find it interesting that they plan to deal with the situation by burying the plant under sand and concrete if they are unable to cool the reactors. I am personally going to follow this aspect of the Japan devastation, to see just how they are able to deal with this potentially global threat.

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