Thanksgiving Break

Hello All, 

This break was pretty awesome. I spent the first few days, from Saturday to Wednesday in Ithaca, NY visiting my girlfriend. Thank you Lindsay for giving me a ride up there. After that, I came home to Allentown, seeing my family for the first time in about a month. For Thanksgiving, we always visit my aunt and uncle in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This year, I drove my grandparents down. Thanksgiving is great because it’s time with family, turkey, and football. While the past two years I haven’t had much work to do over break, this year I’ve worked on various projects and papers every day so far. Going in to break, I was a little stressed about it, but I’ve made progress on everything and am definitely happy with what I’ve accomplished. I do regret missing seeing the new Harry Potter to do work however. I heard it was pretty true to the book. 
Looking ahead at the rest of the semester, I have three papers due, two finals, and then I’m done. This semester has been pretty crazy, and it’s kind of weird that I won’t be back next semester. Onward State has been pretty great this semester. While it has been very time-consuming, we’ve seen additional readership, commentary, and the future looks bright. Last week was our second birthday. To be honest, it seems like we’ve been around a lot longer than that. 
Additionally, next year, I am looking to create an international affairs journal with a few other International Politics students. We see that there really isn’t any organization right now to bring students of International Politics together on campus. I am very excited to see what comes of it. We’re looking to have a regularly updated blog, produce a scholarly journal published once per semester, and to bring in expert speakers in the international politics field. While I will only be at Penn State one more year, we are looking to leave this organization as a gathering place for future students interested in International Politics.
How was everyone’s break? Go any cool places?

One thought on “Thanksgiving Break

  1. Eli,
    You can also use this as part of you ePortfolio as well! Sounds very interesting! I did see Harry Potter, I haven’t read the books but it was good!

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