End of the Summer Blog Post

So I’m back from Washington, D.C. My summer adventure is largely over. Right now I’m working on Onward State business and reminiscing about my summer. Two and a half months passed so quickly.

In my last two weeks at work, I completed a promotional video about my experiences in IST 445H and the class trip to CSIS. I’d never done any video editing before that. Luckily, I had some help, and I think it turned out very well. 
Before leaving D.C., my cousin and I went out to a nice tapas dinner, and the next day we grilled and had some people over to the apartment to enjoy the unseasonably reasonable temperatures. 
I got back to Allentown Sunday afternoon. Since coming home, I’ve been working hard at blogging and have had a dentist appointment. 
I look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.
Also, after finding out from Dean Brady this morning, I am saddened by the loss of Tom Richards from our PLA and Penn State community. He will be missed. 

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