Washington DC: My Experiences. Blog Post Five

This week in DC, it’s been all rain all the time. It’s nice, but still super hot out.

I do not own an umbrella.
In other news, I have begun working on a promotional video for the CSIS Seven Revolutions University Seminars. Today was my first experience using Final Cut. It looks like it has a lot of capabilities. I know next to none of them, but am learning. 
Arts Fest was fantastic. I got to see a lot of my friends and eat overpriced food. It was totally worth it. It’s hard to believe that, with a father that went to Penn State, I had never been before. It was great to see so many alumni come back to look at very expensive art. I’d have to say that the best booth was on the Pattee Mall, where a guy was selling handmade knives.  
The highlight of my visit was playing disc golf across campus with my friends. We may have hit a few people, but they were understanding. 
I hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoyed Arts Fest if you went. I’ll fill you in on my work week on Sunday.

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