Washington DC: My Experiences. Blog Post Three

This week in DC was pretty awesome.

Monday, I had the chance to go to another think-tank, the New America Foundation, to learn about the Post-Cold War Iranian foreign policy. The moderator of the event was Flynt Leverett, an expert on Iran, who happens to teach at the Penn State School of International Affairs. We gained much insight over the course of the few hours. Interestingly enough, I learned that Iran would do well to ally itself with the State of Israel, an odd combination. 
Wednesday, I went with my friend to see Voxtrot at the Black Cat. It was their second to last show as a band, and they were fantastic. I got back pretty late, and had to get up soooo early the next day. Thursday, I waited in line for seven hours to get the new iPhone. I woke up and 6:30, an hour before I usually do. Then, I look the train to Pentagon City to go to the mall. I thought I would get in and out of the Apple Store in about two hours and be a little late for work. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up leaving until around three. I ended up going to work for an hour. 
The new iPhone is great by the way Dean Brady, if you’re reading this. 
Next week promises some interesting experiences. On Sunday, I’m going to the National Capital Barbecue Festival on Pennsylvania Ave. and then going to Georgetown to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. I’m pretty excited as I’ve heard that it was a great movie. Then, on Monday, with one of the interns from work, I’m going to TEDxOilSpill, where the speakers will be talking about clean energy, how to recover from the Gulf Oil Spill, and other related topics. 
For the rest of the week, I’m not entirely sure what I’m up to. At work, I’m updating the Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy site. I’ll let you know what’s going on!

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