The Oil Spill

Melissa asked us to write about the oil spill, so that’s what I’m going to do. haha. 

In DC, basically all of the news has been about the spill. Last Thursday, I had hoped to attend a House of Representatives subcommittee hearing about the issue, but, even though I arrived early, the room had filled to capacity before I could get in. 
Both Democrats and Republicans are taking the issue very seriously. There is a sense that this could become Obama’s Katrina. In addition, I think that a sense of helplessness is beginning to become pervasive. Everything that has been done so far has not been enough. All of the pundits, at least on Fox News, have been saying Obama should do more to stop the leak, but what more is there to do? Obama is not an engineer. He has to rely on those experts that know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, a disaster of this magnitude and at this depth has never happened before, so experience is hard to come by.
The spill however raises important questions about the future of our energy consumption. Companies are drilling these deepwater wells because that is where the oil is. The oil will run out eventually though and America will be left holding the dormant gas pump. Alternatives must be throughly researched and implemented so we do not have to put our environment and livelihood at risk in order to put some gas in the tank. 
Obama said as much in his speech a few days ago. Those that are having trouble coming around to his point of view need to realize that the clock is ticking on the availability of crude oil. Whether they like it or not, soon enough it will be gone. This reality needs to be confronted and overcome… before another spill occurs. 

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