Reflections on Spring 2010

This semester has definitely been a learning experience. After getting to know each other in the fall, we now had to work together to create something, to contribute to the University. 

The syllabus for our class consisted of curriculum based on the Seven Revolutions and on HRCD. I came into class very excited about the 7 Revs part, but less excited about the drinking part. As class went on, I was disappointed that we didn’t get to discuss more global issues. I did however enjoy our impromptu class spent on Abramic religion. After about a month in to class, the HRCD project had taken over our class. I felt that there was a lot of anxiety about the project, which led to much discussion about it. While not necessarily a problem, I would have liked the Seven Revolutions to play a more prominent role than they eventually did, though I understand the difficulty in segmenting the class into two completely separate components. It is natural for there to be spillover past the bathroom break. 
Griping  aside, I felt that in our groups and in class, we dealt with some very important issues. We had to decide what role the University should play in punishment, whether 21 year olds should be allowed to drink in the dorms, and how to halt dangerous drinking in the face of a tide of cultural references and norms. This group brainstorming time was, I believe, what PLA should necessarily be about. 
While not enthusiastic about the HRCD project, as I’ve mentioned in a recent blog, I felt that what eventually came together was a great distillation of our research and opinions. Everyone did a great job. 
In addition to HRCD, I greatly enjoyed our trip to Washington D.C. We had the opportunity to go places and do things that very few people get to do. Eat at the Golden Corral in Frederick, MD, for instance. Ha. I kid. The FBI and the CIA were quite interesting. I still am curious as to why they have a gift shop, but maybe that’s par for the course. Did the KGB have a gift shop?
As we look forward to next year, it is sad that our class will not be meeting regularly. We must organize some social engagements so we don’t lose touch. I’m sure everyone will continue to excel at everything they do.
Thank you to Dean Brady, Ed and Helen Hintz, Lisa, and Melissa. You guys are great, and we would definitely not be in our fortunate position without you.
Have a great summer!

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