Working on Our Paper

Right now, our group is working in the Reserve Reading Room in Pattee Library editing our policy paper line-by-line. This paper marks the culmination of our efforts over the semester to learn about HRCD issues. After the great job everyone did at our presentations on Monday, this paper is the only piece of work left to finish… except the blogs. 

With the requirement that we blog once a week for the whole semester, I have a lot of catching up to do. This blog marks my eighth blog, meaning I have at least six to go. This means that over the next few days you will likely be hearing a lot from me as I attempt to get full credit for this section of the syllabus. 
Usually, I detest groupwork. I feel that in college, to have any portion of your grade dependent on people that could be apathetic and let you down, is not acceptable. Luckily, my group members in First-Year Experience were exceptional and could be counted on to accomplish what needed to be done. As a result, a project that could have been ridiculously stressful, was only very stressful. 
As for everyone!
Blog Post One of Seven

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