Response to Collegian Editorial

In a Thursday editorial titled “Alcohol plans lack creativity“, the Daily Collegian took the opportunity to let the public know their opinion about our policy proposals. Clearly, from the title, they thought we could have done better. 

After summarizing our proposals (neglecting the Dry Dorms aspect, by the way), they noted
While it’s always noble for people to take initiative and present solutions, these steps appear to be more of the same, bland talk we’ve gotten used to.

Shucks. Reading that, my heart sank a little. 

While I’m not really fond of the Collegian, and I wasn’t really enthusiastic about this project at all, instead preferring to cynically dwell on the many failures likeminded colleagues had encountered in the fight against HRCD, I was definitely invested in our ideas and in the resulting presentation. 


I truly believe that, if implemented, our policies would lead to a decline in HRCD. 

Additionally, we did have more “creative” ideas. Unfortunately, they were not feasible. We definitely took a very pragmatic approach in deciding what policies would go forward. We did not want to be rejected by Vice President Sims. 

To me, those responsible for the Collegian editorial did not fully comprehend what our mission was in this class.

We were not an HRCD policy think-tank. Our job was not to come up with these new, untested ideas that would wow everyone and be the silver bullet that lowered dangerous drinking to nothing. In the end, we worked on this project on top of our courseload, with some commenting that it took up so much of their time that they had to drop another one of their classes. 

We are not full-time alcohol policy brainstormers. Many more talented than us have failed in our assignment. The intractability of the issue, how it had not been mitigated successfully, no doubt is why we were assigned to work on it. 

With all of our other tasks on our collective plate: we did good.

I know many PLAers, myself included, felt the need to trek down to the PLA office on Thursday, and express frustration with the editorial to Melissa and Lisa. 

Looking back however, we shouldn’t let it bother us, it’s only the Collegian anyway.

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