Monday’s Presentation

Early evening on Monday, in the HUB Auditorium, our three groups presented their recommendations on how to fix the Penn State HRCD problem. 

Going into the presentation, I was skeptical about how many people would show up to see us. Some had said they expected IFC executives to attend, as well as administrators and other notables. This didn’t really happen. While Mayor Elizabeth Goreham was present, the majority of those in attendance were either students who knew PLA members or State College residents. 

While the audience may not have been all that was expected, everything was very well done. I would like to give a shoutout to the “Clarification” group. Transitions between presenters were on point, and Harry nailed the all-important conclusion. 

Additionally, I felt that the questions community and panel members asked about the presentations were handled in a professional and persuasive manner. The quality responses certainly allowed the PLA to exhibit the amount of research that had been done over the course of the semester. The questions show that the community values the work we have done, and I think it would be beneficial to continue working with them over the following weeks and months to try and institute some of the recommendations we have made. 

Time and again, I have heard from by friends that one of the important things that have been missing from discussions about Penn State and alcohol has been student input. The work of the PLA has provided an opportunity for that interaction to occur. 

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