I’ve been slacking

Hey Guys,
So I haven’t written a blog post for class in a while. Class is moving pretty quickly. Everyone is steadily working on their policy briefs for HRCD. My responsibility for my group is to write about our desire to provide clarification for the Penn State alcohol policy. I intend to analyze the current policy, compare it to the policies at other schools, and then hopefully create a mockup of what our policy should become. That being said, I have not yet begun to write my part of the brief because I have been busy with tests, etc. this week. 
Also, currently, I am dealing with not eating bread or any leavened goods because of the holiday of Passover. For those unsure of what Passover is or what it is celebrating, watch this video.

One thought on “I’ve been slacking

  1. Eli,
    Thanks for sharing….this was actually a really good movie!
    Let me know if you want to meet to run anything by me or to chat about your part of the HRCD project.

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