I felt that during Monday’s class, we made major progress in refining some of our ideas on how to combat high risk drinking. We also had a pretty good conversation about technology and the implications of advancing tech.

First off, I am really glad to be moving forward on adding the “Judicial Report” to eLion. I am also happy that this measure was so well received by everyone in the class. Additionally, I feel that, compared to some of the other ideas we have developed, it will be relatively easy to implement.

Moving on, I definitely enjoyed discussing the ethical implications of our technological advancement. Particularly, the conversation about whether our research should have limits was a good one.

My personal opinion is that without firm worldwide agreement and regulation, all countries will continue to advance, even into questionable ethical territory. Regardless of our individual opinions, the stakes are too high in the international system for one country to “opt out” of technology that could give them the advantage for moral reasons. An example: for all we know, Iran could be creating mutant cyborgs to attack the United States. The only way this could be defended against is if we created our own mutant cyborgs. So, in order for our planet to remain free of mutant cyborgs, every country needs to agree not to pursue mutant cyborg technology. While some may say that the US should just not pursue such technology unilaterally, it is unrealistic to assume that our country will not do everything to protect its citizens. We’ve come to expect that from it.

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