Disciplinary Record on Transcripts

It is unfortunate that I feel like all of the ideas that might have an impact on HRCD involve discipline, but I believe it has gotten to the point where nothing else will work. The main thing I took away from both Dr. Spanier and Mr. Sims’ conversations is that everything short of discipline, be it norm-related or education, has not worked. While I understand that the policy we end up presenting will be multifaceted, discipline has to be an important part. 

Regardless of the issues with legality, which, if the University wished, it could work around, I believe that putting the disciplinary record on transcripts would have a positive effect on HRCD. Even though employers have access to the disciplinary record anyway, putting it on the transcript allows the student to see just how much they have messed up. This should hopefully shame them into changing their attitude. Or, if they haven’t made any dangerous forays into HRCD, it could cause them to reconsider overdrinking by making them think about their future.
What do you think?

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