Hey Gang,

One of the questions I did not get a chance to bring up during class I will ask now. 
The bulk of the future population increase projected to occur in the most impoverished regions of the world. What are the implications of this on the youth of these regions?
To me, increased population in poor areas can only lead to destabilization and radicalization of the youth. Think about it. With no job prospects and little food, youth growing up will do whatever it takes to survive, including working for terrorist organizations and other illicit groups. Poverty breeds despair. Despair breeds frustration. Frustration breeds action. If I were under these conditions, I too would probably turn to the black market or terrorism in order to feed myself. 
I cannot see much the US can do to immediately counteract the dangerous demographic situation brewing in these areas. Prosperity and wealth lead to lower birthrates, but developing those take time and a good plan, things that clearly have not been working. 
Hopefully I am wrong, but if not, we’re in for an interesting future…

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