The Last PLA Class in Atherton!

Admittedly, I almost forgot to blog this week, but luckily, I was reading Twitter and remembered. This week’s discussion in class definitely veered off from the intended topic of Net Neutrality. This was not a bad thing however. I enjoyed hearing my classmates opinions on the main topic we ended up discussing: the media. I very much appreciated Tom’s statements that you cannot just listen to the news passively. You must actively seek out information on both sides of the spectrum and decide for yourself what is credible. That is one of the things the Critical Thinking book also espoused.

In class, I discussed the 24-hour news cycle and its effect on what is considered news. I basically meant that because there are 24 hours to fill with content instead of an hour or two,  rather than discuss the same things all day, new “news” must be found to fill the void. As I believe this is the case, I would be willing to bet that out of the 24 hours of CNN in a given day, only 2 hours worth of the material is actually non-repetitive news content.

Thus, Tiger Woods becomes news for a minor traffic violation that thousands of people are charged with every day. The lives of celebrities, as someone in class said, are not newsworthy!

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