Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is enjoying their well-deserved break. I certainly know I am. Aside from blogging and reading, I’ve been able to sleep in, watch lots of football, and eat delicious food without sliding my ID. For Thanksgiving, my family always goes to my aunt and uncle’s house in West Virginia. We ate really early, like 2 PM. More of a Thanksgiving lunch really. Then I napped for a bit (Thanks Tryptophan). After watching some football, we went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was a very good movie, and I highly recommend seeing it.

Then, yesterday we drove home and I spent the whole day watching football on mute while I read about Taiwan and International Law for a paper I have to write.

Today is really the last day of break, and I’m doing the same thing I did yesterday. I was supposed to play in a frisbee tournament but I really wanted to sleep in. Tomorrow I’m driving back up to school with some friends from home.

I really hope everyone had a great break. We have much to be thankful for.

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