The PLA Goes to NYC

     I had a great time on our trip. It started off pretty eventfully. The bus was late, then we hit a car on Canal St. I must say though, one of my favorite parts of the trip was walking down Canal St. to get to the Dim Sum restaurant. The sidewalks were so crowded and people were trying to sell you everything from bootleg DVDs to vegetables (hopefully not bootlegged). Then, the restaurant was crazy. There were people everywhere. I thought it would take so long to get food, but we were served almost instantaneously. I don’t really know what I ate for that meal, but everything was very good. My favorite thing was the dessert, which looked like a mini-cake but it had some type of egg mixture in it.
     After the restaurant, Ellis Island was very cool. The last time I was there was in fourth grade, so quite some time ago. I am happy to report that it is the same now as it was then. I had two favorite parts: The ferry ride there and back, and also the Great Hall. So much history there.
      Speaking of history, the tour of Greenwich Village was eyeopening. We learned so much about the area that I didn’t know before. I had always thought Washington Square Park was nice, but I did not know that there were that many dead bodies under it. The thing the tour guide said about Bob Dylan was pretty cool as well.
    Moving on to the next day, I just want to say that I really like getting dressed up and wearing suits. I don’t really know what it is about it, but I enjoy it. All of the speakers we had that Monday were interesting. I am not the business-type but they made the topic interesting and engaging for me. Brian Ross was very interesting. His job, at times, is very dangerous, and he has handled it well and gotten results. I think that Karen Peetz and Art Certosimo told the story of how the economic bubble burst in a way I could understand, and with good humor.
    The tour of the New York Stock Exchange was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Sitting in that boardroom were countless important meetings have happened, I was very appreciative of the opportunity. Plus, the chairs were so comfortable.

I am very grateful to all that put their time and effort into making this trip a reality, especially Mr. and Mrs. Hintz.

Additionally, I think it is great how we bonded in a way that was not possible through our one hour per week seminars. I look forward to building our friendships in the future.

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