Reflection on Fourth Meeting 9-21

When I think of issues I like to talk about, immigration usually doesn’t come up. I never really thought about it. Yesterday’s discussion, I found, to be very good. While I stated my opinion, that immigrants had always been looked down on in our country of immigrants. People built on this idea to say that immigrants only really become accepted into society when another immigrant group begins immigrating. We discussed the reasons for the controversy, including xenophobia, economic concerns, etc. I was glad we didn’t all agree though. Some were of the opinion that the laws needed to be changed in order to facilitate easier legal entry into the United States. Others disagreed, saying that the law was the law and it should be followed, even if people had to wait a long time. I think discussions like these are what make the PLA viable and worthwhile.

Also, I hope the Fray concert was good.

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